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Kohler Bird

Kohler Bird is a specialised boutique valuation practice focused on family law, litigation valuations and consultancy in both NSW and Queensland.


The base shape represents solidity, and the pointers indicate the clients unbiased assessments with the 3 directions of property value: positive, negative and sideways. The positive and negative spaces within the logo enforce this relationship. The shape is also a plectrum - which is a personal hidden reference to the clients musical interests.

The ‘K’ has been placed back to front as a way of reflecting the retirement of Alan Kohler. The postiive directional arrow that results from the flip, points to the ‘b’ the future of the company under the direction of David Bird, founding director and principal.



A clean and simple layout, with concise information and professional look provide a good overview for potential clients who can quickly and easily peruse the website. The online enquiry form has made it exceedingly easy for new clients to make contact. If you would like to enquire further about the services Kohler Bird Valuers offer or to look at the website, please follow the link:

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