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The Rob Llewellyn Jones Clinical Centre

The Rob Llewellyn Jones Clinical Centre functions within Giant Steps - a school for children and young adults with autism. The clinicians visit the school, observe the child in their classroom/programme and following these observations, meet with staff and parents in a meeting space at the school. This process helps avoid the issues and anxieties associated with having to attend an appointment at the doctor’s rooms or the hospital. The Clinic is a service that works for the children while being respectful of their needs.


Inspiration was taken from a letter by Dr Rob Llewellyn Jones, describing his hopes for the clinic, where he expressed a vision of working together with respect and hope.

The design uses two stylised hands, formed together to create a dove. The two hands offer symbols of hope, of healing, of collaboration and of trust - a concept more beautiful than the sum of its parts.

Client: Giant Steps
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