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Jayrow Systems

Jayrow Systems comes under the Jayrow umbrella of companies & businesses.


The parent logo had to be incorporated into the word Jayrow.

Jayrow Systems approached VMD to resolve a logo that included this proviso yet create a contemporary and fresh look to the original logo. VMD sourced a complementary font to sit with the extended style of the rotator blades. The pairing of the new font and logo resulted in a more harmonious unity.


A clean, smart website which is easy to navigate. The use of imagery to convey complex concepts was decided upon when it came to summarising the capabilities of Jayrow Systems. VMD sourced third party proprietary images that succinctly and easily provided a visual link to the capabilities it represented by removing a wordy dot point summary into a gallery with capabilities explained by information only visible when hovering over the image.

If you would like to see our work, or enquire about the services Jayrow Systems offers, please follow the link:

Client: Jayrow Systems
Projects: Logo | Stationery | Website
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