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Red Sparrow Kids

Red Sparrow, run by children's book author Samantha Vicars, aims to connects kids with each other, the environment and their local community. Samantha has written 4 books aimed at children 4 – 7 years of age.

Her inspiration for the books is the concept of accepting each other for who we are and how this simple act helps in making the world in which we live a more wonderful place.

Red Sparrow came to VMD after the "puzzlies" books had been written, the t-shirts produced and the illustrations commissioned. Requiring assistance 'putting the books together', VMD designed the covers and internal layouts for each of the books.

Since then VMD has worked with Red Sparrow on several smaller projects promoting Red Sparrow and the Puzzlies series. Samantha is currently writing another series of books for older children.

With a shared spirit of giving back to the community, Red Sparrow donates 15% of all profits from the sale of the books to a nominated charity or community group.

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Client: Red Sparrow
Projects: Puzzlies Books | Marketing Materials
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